Presenting projects during the Science Fair

Presenting projects during the Science Fair

The 1st-5th graders kept busy during Trevose Day School’s recent Science Fair, presenting projects that they have been working hard on for the past two months at home.

Each student chose a scientific question he or she wanted to answer, formulated a hypothesis and designed an experiment.  The students then performed their experiment, drew his or her conclusions, and presented the results to teachers, classmates and family members Friday afternoon.

Parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles were so impressed with the amount of knowledge in the room. With their family and friends taking a tour, each student presented their work with great poise and intelligence. They were able to answer questions with great confidence, too!

Our teachers believe an annual science fair is an important part of the curriculum. A science fair project is such a great learning experience because it involves so much more than science. Creating display boards is a great way to hone computer research skills, as well as to learn the ins and outs of common office programs, such as word processors and spreadsheets. Most projects also involve a good deal of math, and all students get an opportunity to enhance their presentation skills when preparing display boards and discussing projects.

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