Hooray for Reading Champions!

Hooray for Reading Champions!

It’s the end of the year, and we’re bursting with pride! Our K-2nd graders have blossomed into
AMAZING readers, and we couldn’t be happier to celebrate their incredible achievements.

Here’s a glimpse into the magic that unfolded this year:

– Kindergarten: These little superstars have conquered the world of letters! They’re now
decoding letters with confidence, sounding out words with ease, and putting it all
together to read simple sentences.

– 1st Grade: From mastering fluency to comprehending captivating stories, our 1st graders
have taken a giant leap forward. Their expanding vocabulary allows them to grasp
concepts with greater depth, making reading a truly enriching experience.

– 2nd Grade: Buckle up for some serious bookworms! Our 2nd graders have graduated to
reading with expression, captivating us with their storytelling abilities. They’re not only
whizzing through books, but also delving deeper by answering questions and diving
headfirst into the world of chapter books.

The dedication and hard work of these young readers are truly inspiring. We commend them for
their commitment to learning and celebrate their remarkable progress.
But the adventure doesn’t stop here! We encourage all of our little champions to continue exploring
the wonders of reading throughout the summer, keeping their minds ready for the beginning of the next school year. We strongly support our students to dive into exciting adventures, unleash their
imagination, and get lost in the magic of stories. Here’s to a summer filled with unforgettable
reading experiences!

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