Our main academic building hosts spacious classrooms with abundant natural light.

Our School

Located within the Trevose area of Bucks County, our campus is an integral part of the stimulating and nurturing educational experiences at Trevose Day School and Neshaminy Montessori.

Each classroom is equipped with state-of-the-art learning technology such as Smart boards, computers, and Bee-Bots, as well as with shared tables and other collaborative academic areas that encourage social growth and help excite a sense of community.

We utilize the sprawling grounds as an outdoor classroom for hands-on educational experiences. Our young students learn about sustainability through the preservation of our campus. They care for gardens and tend to animals such as hens and rabbits, assisting our staff with the responsibilities of feeding, egg collecting, and watering. Our goal is teach students on a micro-level what it means to be global citizens.

The barn, located behind the main school building, is a multi-purpose facility providing ample space for our children to play, move, create, and learn throughout the school day and during after hours programming. In the barn, we host our assemblies as well as our monthly “Stories in the Barn” event.

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