Trevose Day School excels at offering a nurturing, innovative and community-minded environment that fosters outstanding learners.

About Trevose Day School

For more than 45 years, Trevose Day School has inspired educational excellence, innovation, and collaboration in an environment of warmth, trust, and respect. Our children develop and pursue their academic curiosities under a dynamic curriculum embodying experiential learning, mindful social engagement, cultural diversity, confident creativity, environmental sustainability, and technological advancement. The dedicated faculty nurtures and challenges each student to become a responsible citizen in a changing world, and an open-minded leader with a lifelong passion for learning.


Located within the Trevose area of Bucks County, our campus is an integral part of the stimulating and nurturing

Mission & Values

At the core of our curriculum is the belief that each child possesses unique talents and ideas. It is our job as educators to nurture

Historical Overview

Trevose Day School was founded in the early 1970’s outside of Philadelphia. In 1972, Lee Katzoff purchased


In 1972, when I first purchased Trevose Day School, I saw a school with limitless potential. I envisioned a progressive, close-knit community

Faculty & Staff

Talented, diverse, and tireless, the Trevose Day School faculty has inspired students to academic and personal excellence for over forty years.

Parents Association

The Trevose Day School Parents’ Association is a crucial contributor to the functioning of the school and is critical

Why Trevose Day School?

  • Small class sizes and a low student:faculty ratio for individual attention
  • State-of-the-art facilities that encourage inquiry-based learning
  • A strong core curriculum to develop a solid academic foundation
  • Creative programs and extracurricular offerings to nourish well-roundedness
  • A community built around warmth, trust, respect, as well as active communication between faculty, students, and parents.
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