We believe that children can pursue their passions most effectively in an environment embodied by empathy, patience, and respect.

Pursue Complex Questions

Our education program is built around a belief in the unique, limitless potential of each child. Each member of our community possesses special gifts and talents. Our role as educators is to help young children develop the confidence and awareness to recognize and pursue their passions.

In an inclusive environment, we teach our students to recognize and pursue individual differences as necessary notes for composing collective harmony.

Our Philosophy

We challenge students to become creative, critical thinkers through an inquiry-based learning program.

First Program

Our First Program classes include introduction to language arts, performing arts, mathematics, writing readiness, music, science, cultural activities and more.


Our curriculum focuses on establishing basic intellectual foundations while nurturing self-confidence, critical thinking skills, independence, and positive social interaction.

Early Elementary

Our faculty is dedicated to help children become effective, placid problem-solvers, undaunted by difficulty and undismayed by error.

Upper Elementary

Students strengthen and consolidate academic skills acquired in former grades in reading, writing, critical thinking and mathematics.

Our Classrooms, At A Glance:

  • Approximately 15-18 students per class
  • Individualized lesson plans that promote inquiry-based learning
  • Shared work stations to encourage collaboration and develop social skills
  • A dedication to diversity and an emphasis on open-mindedness
  • The community trust and support necessary for intellectual exploration and creative self-expression