Opera Dress Rehearsal

Opera Dress Rehearsal

The students of Trevose Day School and Neshaminy Montessori had many practices and a final dress rehearsal for their opera performance of The 12 Dancing Princesses, written and directed by Charis Bean Duke. They all had so much fun throughout the entire process and continuously sing the songs throughout their day on the playground, in the hallway and even quietly while working!

The opera is about a King and Queen of a distant land who have called all the princes from far and wide to solve their biggest problem, what is happening to their daughter’s shoes? There are 12 lovely princesses, and each morning when they awake their shoes are full of holes. Prince after prince arrives, yet they all fall asleep and cannot solve the mystery. One day a soldier returning from a war meets an old woman. After he shares his lunch with her, she gives him good advice about how to solve the mystery of the princesses’ shoes. The soldier soon solves the mystery and is bestowed with many gifts from a grateful King and Queen.

Our students have worked very hard to perfect their performance and are so excited to share it with their family and friends. “Our school works hard to keep the arts an integral part of our curriculum. Studies suggest school children exposed to drama, music and dance are more proficient in reading, writing and math. It is also great for their confidence and presentation skills. We see students shine while performing who might otherwise be very shy in the classroom.”

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