Lesson From The Chickens

Lesson From The Chickens

Our wonderful flock of hens has taught the children so many valuable life lessons that they usually only see in books. They have also become beloved pets and feathered friends for so many students! The concepts of natural cycles, environmental stewardship, biology, and our place in nature are no longer abstract ideas for the students of Trevose Day School. They have the opportunity to experience these concepts each and every day!

Our feather friends have been with us since they were 2 days old and are now just over 2 years old! The children had the opportunity to raise and care for them, experience joys such as the first egg and the their first birthday party.

Our Head of School, Gwynne Frischmann, is the momma to this flock. Her hens even come to her window in the afternoon to peck a hello to her each day.In particular, their feathered teachers have taught them several important life lessons! One of the biggest lessons for the children was where food really comes from! They were surprised that eggs really came from the chickens as most thought they just came from the grocery store! When the first egg was laid, I think the chickens seemed as surprised as the children! We have enjoyed the eggs hardboiled for snack, as part of Dr. Seuss Day in their green eggs and ham dish, and in many bread, cake and cookie recipes.

Another important lesson has been about natural cycles. Our kids bring our table scraps out to the coop and exchange them for some fresh eggs. And even after we eat those eggs, the cycle keeps spinning — the shells go into the worm compost, releasing their minerals to the soil, the vegetables, then to us or our hens.

Lastly, the children learned about empathy and caring for one another. The hens must be fed and given water. They get let out each day to exercise and put back in their coop in the afternoon to keep them safe at night. If we keep the chickens happy and safe, then they give us yummy eggs and companionship. Hopefully this caring for the hens will transfer into the care of one another. If we all look out for one another and are kind, the world would be a much better place! That is one of the most important lessons that the chickens at Trevose Day School are hopefully helping to instill in each and every student.

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