Field Trip To Ellis Island

Field Trip To Ellis Island

On June 5th, Mrs. Buckley and Ms. Williams took the 1st to 5th grade students to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. This trip was a great culmination for the year according to Mrs. Buckley as her students have been studying American symbols. It is always a wonderful opportunity to take the students into the real world to see and experience what they have learnt.

Their day began with a ferry ride over to the Statue of Liberty. The students were so excited to see “her” waiting in the distance for them! The students walked around the pedestal and went to visit the museum to learn more about this historic treasure.

Next stop on their busy day was over to Ellis Island. Here the children viewed a movie to learn about the early immigrants coming to America. The students explored the grounds in hopes of finding a distant relative who came to the country long ago.

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