Chalk Paint

Chalk Paint

Our younger campers had a colorful time experimenting with chalk paint. We used the following recipe to make our chalk paint:


1/2 Cup water

1/2 Cup cornstarch

Food Coloring

Some of our more curious campers, however, came up with their own version too! Here they can be seen soaking chalk in water, and using the chalk to paint beautiful colors on the wall. They spent hours testing out different ways to create and use their paint!

Exploration is the stuff of childhood. Science is a great context for children to develop and practice many basic skills of literacy and mathematics. Here each child read what they could of the recipe, measured, and used their knowledge of the color wheel to mix and create many colors. Science is a collaborative endeavor in which working together and discussing ideas are central to the practice. Hence, our campers practiced brainstorming and supporting each other’s creative ideas!

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