How IQ and EQ Play Together

Each morning, the children of Trevose Day School arrive ready to explore the subjects of math, reading, science and culture. In addition to fundamental education, we also practice emotional intelligence through acts of kindness and awareness. Our goal is to empower students to manage his or her emotions in a healthy way which will determine the quality of their lives just as much as IQ.

Self-acceptance, seeing things from the other person’s point of view, and the ability to regulate one’s own anxiety are just some of the tactics we use to nurture our diverse student body.

Do Unto Others

Kindness and empathy are the cornerstones to developing a strong EQ. At Trevose Day School, we remind children to put themselves in someone else’s shoes. We encourage them to try to remember to think before saying something about someone, and to take the time to consider how they might feel if someone said it to them. How would they feel if they found out that someone was making fun of their dress or criticizing them for not doing a math problem fast enough? Would they want someone to praise them for trying or to put them down for not doing something right? Would they want someone to compliment them on something they do well or would they want someone to make fun of them? Teaching empathy is a key part of teaching our students kindness.

Kindness Without Borders

Over the past year, children had overwhelmingly positive responses to our projects that focused on the endless spread of kindness and gratitude toward others. For example, the children created love-themed cards on Valentine’s Day for people they’d never met before. Each creation was gifted to residents of Symphony Manor, which is a local nursing home close to Trevose Day School’s campus. Inside of each card were messages of friendship and as well as love, including many heart renderings. The takeaway from this particular lesson was to express kindness and sincerity with a genuine heart.

Another special moment for us this year was the 100th day of school. We held a food drive with the goal to collect at least 100 items, but we reached 173 items—exceeding our expectations.  It was a wonderful message for the children to know that their efforts count and matter. Ultimately giving to those in need by expanding their hearts through generosity.

Kindness Makes Us Feel Good

Kids are hard-wired to have empathy for others and want to help. Parents, caregivers, and teachers can take advantage of these natural instincts that we’re all born with and encourage kids to practice kindness in their everyday lives.​

With each passing year, we begin to reflect on the quality times shared among classmates and teachers who have since become friends. If not for the engaging lesson plans and involvement with the local community, Trevose Day School would be different from how it is today.

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