Exploring ‘World Read Aloud Day’ Curriculum

Exploring ‘World Read Aloud Day’ Curriculum

The students of Trevose Day School enjoyed reading aloud to each other and hearing different books read to them today by their teachers.

Mrs. Quirple’s class enjoyed reading aloud with a buddy today. This is the students’ favorite reading activities to do! They also listened to a book about the Liberty Bell and had read aloud time for 30 minutes after lunch. Mrs. Quirple does this every day and reads a variety of genres and levels of difficulty to the class.

The 3rd-5th grade class continued listening to the story, “Wonder.” This afternoon, the class had a discussion about the importance of “World Read Aloud Day”. They talked about how some people don’t have the opportunity to go to school, and therefore can’t read. They were also saddened to learn that not every school has a rich supply of books like they do. This prompted a discussion about what they could do to help. Some of their ideas were to put a book share outside of the school, collect and send books to a school that might not have a lot, read to kids at a children’s hospital and many more! This month, Trevose Day School students will also host a Toddler Time reading group at our local library!

Even our youngest learners enjoyed reading to each other and listening to many stories about groundhogs!

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