Celebrating Earth Day, mother nature in style

Celebrating Earth Day, mother nature in style

In honor of Earth Day, parents sent in fruits and vegetables for a yummy and healthy snack for all the children.

Story time took place outside by the chickens and bunnies. The students loved having feathered and furry reading buddies! In addition to reading alongside the animals, students took caring of feeding their furry friends, too. Refillable feeders were created using pipe cleaners and cheerios, which were then hung on the tree and along the fence.

For more than a week, the students have been collecting paper scraps that were then used to create recycled paper. And using this paper, students will make gift tags and cards for Mother’s Day.

Painted large rocks will be used to create a garden at the top of the playground. Not only will this add color to our school yard and show off their unique creations, but it will help stop some of the erosion that can happen on that side of the playground.

The older students had so much fun helping our youngest learners. They also thought using rakes to clean up the yard was great fun.

Students showed excitement when spending their day outside, taking care of their school and showing commitment to preserving their environment! We will continue our outside studies and take care of the planet with weekly “Outdoor Classroom” themes. Next week’s theme involves learning how to feed and take care of composting worms!

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