Back to school season & news from our nature class

Back to school season & news from our nature class

The students of Trevose Day School and Neshaminy Montessori were so enthusiastic to come back to school, see old friends and meet some new ones, explore their classrooms and receive many lessons from their teachers. They were equally excited to be greeted by our furry and feathered friends and get some lessons on how to care them. 

We were fortunate to have a very special guest, Hudson, come to give a presentation to the students about how to care for rabbits. Hudson showed the children how to pick up and handle a rabbit as they are very delicate. He also made sure everyone knew how and what to feed them everyday. Hudson cares for dozens of rabbits, goats, chickens and more at his grandmother’s house. He was full of knowledge, and it was so wonderful for the children to see from a peer the importance of caring for our pets. Hudson also brought a new rabbit Marshmallow for our school! Thank you Hudson for a wonderful morning and our new furry friend! 

Research shows owning or being around animals can have a number of benefits for children including having higher self-esteem, a more positive outlook on life, and being more able to deal with stress. Animals  are also important because they provide enjoyment and help children develop responsibility transferable to adulthood. They can give children support, confidence, esteem and comfort.

Here at school, our young students  learn about sustainability through the preservation of our campus. They care for gardens and tend to animals such as hens and rabbits, assisting our staff with the responsibilities of feeding, egg collecting, and watering. Our goal is teach students on a micro-level what it means to be global citizens.

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