9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. 

8 weeks
from June 22 to 
August 14.


The Young Explorers group provides our youngest students with engaging and fun activities that offer lots of opportunities for social interaction with peers. Each week there is a thematic approach to learning. Our themes this summer include pirates, fairy tales and space! In addition to these activities, students enjoy classes in art, science, animation and so much more! 


Early hours

Morning Meet and Greet Circle 

9:15-11:30 Morning Activities      
Library Lessons
Literature Time
Art Lessons
Craft Activities

Outside Sports and Games                


Free Play

12:45-2:45 Afternoon Activities
Art Lessons
Craft Activities
Dramatic Play
Music and Movement
Math Fun
Water Play (Tuesday and Thursday)               

Farewell Circle and Pack Up Time

After hours

WEEK 1: 
Getting to know you!

A week of fun and friendship! Children learn the routines of camp and makes new friends. Campers participate in exciting activities that create wonderful bonds with their peers. We play fun and exciting games like Follow the Friend and Friendship Toss. The campers also all work together to create an amazing portrait wall. Each camper makes a camp t-shirt and bag as a keepsake of their adventures to come! 

WEEK 2:  
Celebrate America

Join us in celebrating this great country! We will “travel” from New York City to the Wild West to the beaches of Hawaii and back to Philadelphia. Campers will dress up like the Statue of Liberty, become cowboys and girls for the day, enjoy a Luau, and end the week with a 4th of July celebration. This is sure to be an amazing adventure for all! 

WEEK 3:  
Anchors Away

Yo ho ho, this week’s theme is all about pirates! Join us for a fun-filled week and live the life of a pirate through stories, art projects, songs, and creative drama. Our little pirates will make treasure maps and then set out on a treasure hunt for gold! Then it’s time to set sail and make pirate flags, walk the plank, create pirate outfits and learn pirate songs. 

WEEK 4:  
Once Upon a Time

Each day our campers explore a new fairy tale adventure and celebrate our favorite stories through drama, cooking, art and games. We will make gingerbread man cookies as we read “The Gingerbread Man” and learn about gardening as we grow beanstalks inspired by “Jack and the Beanstalk.” We enjoy a festive picnic lunch as we go to Granny’s house in our “Little Red Riding Hood” adventure. Trip to Lower Southampton Library.

WEEK 5:  
Space Is the Place

Blast off to space with this week’s theme! Our little astronauts will make rocket ships, go star gazing, create space mobiles and much more as they explore the planets, the sun and the stars! Campers prepare for intergalactic exploration by tackling the astronaut obstacle course and creating their own helmet for the adventure. Trip to the planetarium in Trenton.

WEEK 6:  
Princes, Princesses and Dragons Oh My!

Our young campers will delight in exploring different stories of princes and princesses. They will hear some beloved tales like “Cinderella” and “Beauty and the Beast” along with stories of dragons and knights. We will create tiaras and crowns, craft princess wands and royal shields, design “stained glass,” and make and ride our majestic horses. The week ends with a dance and a royal tea party!

WEEK 7:  
Budding Builders

A fascinating week full of construction fun for our Budding Builders! We spark the creativity of our young engineers and designers as we build with blocks, K’nex, Legos, and more. Campers will create beautiful roads and scenic cities as well as handcraft, sand and paint a birdhouse! Literature, music and art enhance the artistry behind these activities. Trip to Philadelphia Pretzel Company.

WEEK 8:  
A Camping We Will Go

Summer is the time for camping out under the stars and roasting marshmallows! The children will have the opportunity to camp out in an actual tent and snuggle up in sleeping bags under the stars for story time. Nature exploration, crafts and games will teach our campers about different types of birds, trees and insects. Trip to Churchville Nature Center.


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