Unique Programs

Making the most of our students education.

Enrichment Activities

Trevose Day School educators feel responsible in developing children holistically. The school’s academic curriculum is supplemented with a number of special programs aimed at nurturing well-rounded students utilizing their utmost intellectual, social, emotional and physical attributes.


Foreign Language

French is introduced during the First Program level, providing cultural engagement skills within an increasingly globalized world and an educational “passport” to foreign culture. In addition to technical language skills acquired in bilingualism, students learn about diverse societies French-speaking countries – from Algeria and Morocco to Belgium and France to Haiti, and as East as Vietnam. These programs encourage daily conversational development through role-playing and multisensory activities that build self-esteem, culminating in year-end Parisian “pique-nique” that celebrate accomplishments.

Physical Education: Dance & Yoga

Physical education develops lasting fitness habits necessary for a healthy lifestyle – for life. The physical education program features countless activities fostering teamwork skills, sportsmanship and character. As part of the curriculum, students take eight weeks of yoga to facilitate their development of body awareness, control, flexibility and coordination.



Chess immerses students in hours of logic-based thinking while motivating them to become problem-solvers in and outside of the classroom. The program strengthens memory and self-esteem, also teaching children about sportsmanship and the importance of coping positively with failure. Children in kindergarten through fifth grade begin with fundamentals, and increasingly learn more challenging defensive and offensive strategies. Lead by a world-class chess master, instructional sessions are tailored to individual needs. Ultimately, scholastic tournaments take place throughout the year.


The visual arts program places equal weight on self-expression and the appreciation of the arts as the understanding of human cultures. Students become armed with technical and compositional skills necessary to establish individualized visual vocabularies, drawn both from their experience and imagination, which then connect imagery with ideas. The curriculum offers painting, drawing, sculpture, and mixed media collage.



Integral in developing well-rounded students, this program cultures children into becoming musically and intellectually curious. Basic musical concepts such as rhythm, pitch, harmony and improvisation are rehearsed through vocal and instrumental instruction. Students have the opportunity to share their newly developed talents at various assemblies and performances throughout the year.

Complementing a rich music curriculum, the school also offers various extracurricular programs for students of all ages –– from “Mommy and Me” music classes for younger students, to Suzuki violin programs and piano, guitar and woodwinds instruction.

Environmental Education

A key tenet of our school’s mission, sustainability education teaches children hands-on, multisensory outdoor and indoor activities. Each student learns about preserving the living beauty of this bucolic campus, caring properly for chickens, rabbits, and butterflies, as well as gardens. Each day, eggs are collected from the coops and then used in various cooking activities. By learning to take responsibility for our local environment, students develop into global citizens with a propensity for community engagement.