Trevose Day School presents various special after-school programs that enrich your child’s overall educational experience.


10 week session
Wednesday & Friday
1 thru 5
2:45PM – 3:30PM

9/30 thru 12/18

10 week session
Wednesday & Friday
3-5 years
3:30PM – 4:00PM

9/30 thru 12/18


Karate-do, which translates to “The Empty Hand Way” in Japanese, is a self-defense method that strengthens the body and spirit. Taught by Jason Bourelly and Kimberly Bourelly — 5th degree black belts who have won 20 and 5 world championships respectively — this class covers different ways of protecting one’s self from strikes, takedowns, and holds. It also offers strategies to fend off negative energy with positive thinking, self-respect and healthy living.

Students in the 3-5 age group will receive a uniform and white belt. Students 6 and up will receive a uniform and white belt and can test for the yellow belt at the end of our ten week session. Jason and Kimberly are both proud parents of a child at Neshaminy Montessori.

Give your child a boost in the classroom with one-on-one or small group tutoring. Certified teachers from Trevose Day School will help bolster your child’s academic skills and self-confidence in a supportive, engaging, and fun environment. All subjects in grades K through 5 are offered, and exploration into topics of interest is encouraged. This year’s tutoring staff is Helene Hines, Jessica McNally and Katie Williams.

Hourly session
All grades
3:30PM – 4:30PM
By appointment

Monthly session-Thursday
K thru 6
3:00PM – 4:30PM
10/1 thru 12/22

World-renowned chess master and champion Roland Yakobashvilli takes his regular classroom instruction to the next level in our After School Chess Club. Students who participate in this challenging and rewarding program will hone the strategic skills and concentration required for expert chess playing while fostering good sportsmanship and healthy competition.

This fun-filled, energetic class introduces students to the fundamentals of hip hop dance. Choreographer and dancer LaVon Patterson leads students through stretches, combinations and routines set to the hits — with challenging games of freeze dance thrown in to keep students on their toes. Dance is a wonderful way to build confidence, coordination, self-expression and teamwork while getting a fantastic cardio workout.

12 week session – Monday
K thru 5
2:45PM – 3:45PM
10/5 thru 12/21

Children with a love of art and cartoons will enjoy learning the basics of traditional hand-drawn animation. Focusing on character design, timing, pacing and storytelling, students in this program will unleash their creative potential as they work individually or in groups to create their very own original cartoon.

12 week session – Tuesday
1 thru 5
3:00PM – 4:30PM
9/29 thru 12/22

To accommodate your busy schedule, we are pleased to offer private door-to-door van transportation from Trevose Day School to your home once your child’s program has ended for the day.

  • Bensalem and Trevose Area: $12 per child, per ride
  • Within 7 miles outside of the Bensalem/Trevose Area: $15 per child, per ride

The above fees apply to students enrolled in a 1-day per week After School program. Discounts are available for children who participate in multiple sessions per week.

Mondays from 10/12 thru 12/7
Grades Pre K and K     
Times 3:00PM – 4:00PM
$100 a child  

Let’s Play! Save the best for last by finishing up the school day with Sports Spectacular, a variety athletic program that features different sports throughout the session. Participants will practice skills and play games in both traditional sports and playground favorites. The Sports Spectacular Variety Program features the best “to-do” list ever – Basketball, Soccer, Flag Football, Kickball, Capture the Flag, Wiffle Ball, Bump and Bite, Knights and Dragons, Numbers Game, Tag Games, Safe Base and MORE! OTA covers all the bases with our emphasis on playing, teamwork, sportsmanship, and fitness. Don’t miss out on the FUN!

Game Play and Scrimmaging

Mondays from 10/12 thru 12/7    
Grades 1st – 5th                     
3:00PM – 4:00PM
$100 a child

Play Ball! Come join OTA for our ALL games ALL the time after school program. GOtime’s exclusive game-play format features a variety of sports (Basketball, Soccer, Flag Football, etc.) and will be structured as a REAL GAME from start to finish. Loosen up, warm-up, and choose up sides, then get ready to play! Coaches will organize each game to teach kids the rules of competition, team play, and sportsmanship. We have always believed athletes get better the more they play. Here is your chance! This organized scrimmage every week will give players the opportunity to test new skills and get more comfortable in game situations. Come be a part of our TEAM!

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