9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. 

8 weeks
from June 22 to 
August 14.

ADVENTURER CAMP (1st-5th Grades)

The Adventurer group provides our older students with countless fun and educational activities each week. Campers will create animation, take exciting art lessons, experiment with chemistry, and use technology in fascinating ways! Reading, math, and writing will enhance each activity. They will learn how to cook nutritious food and even create their own cookbook!

Our summer field trips include:
Churchville Nature Center, Fonthill Museum, Lower Southampton Library, Monster Mini Golf, and Michener Art Museum. 


Early hours

Morning Meeting with Group Leader

9:15-11:30 Morning Activities       
Summer Readers Book Club
Super Chefs       


Free Play

12:45-2:45 Afternoon Activities
Art and Design
Summer Readers Book Club

Farewell Meeting and Pack Up Time

After hours


Calling all young chemists! Campers witness science unfold right before their eyes with an engaging collection of kid-friendly, hands-on experiments. Each camper will be able to take home their creations and recreate experiments right in their own kitchen! Activities include making crystals, putty, glowing water, disappearing messages and much more! Students will create their own science journals, come up with hypotheses and record their results.


Behold as our creative campers bring their drawings to life! This class will teach our young talents all about the art of animation. Students will use light boxes to see their drawing move and use iPad apps to create cartoons and make Disney characters come to life. This exciting class is sure to inspire and captivate our camper!

Art and Design

This class encourages our campers to express their most creative self through a myriad of art projects! Here, campers will learn about and use many different techniques such as drawing, painting and sculpting. 


Kid coders of the world, unite! Campers will work on Macbooks and IPads in this exciting computer class!  Each whiz will create an engaging autobiographical Power Point presentation about themselves, learn coding apps on the ipads and even create and edit their own mini movie.

Super Chefs

Put on your apron and chef hat and let the fun begin. Students will learn about nutrition and making food that is healthy and delicious! From snack items to lunch and even desserts, our super chefs will read recipes, convert measurements, and cook fabulous treats. They will even create their own cookbook filled with the recipes they prepared and served throughout the summer

Summer Readers
Book Club

Do you love to read? Join our summer reading club! Students will pick a book to read and get together for lively discussions in the library at the end of each week. Longer chapter books will come alive as we use crafts and activities to highlight the events in each chapter. Students will also keep a reading log and earn prizes for all their reading!

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