Upper elementary

Our Upper Elementary program consists of students in Third, Forth and Fifth Grade. Student strengthen and consolidate academic skills acquired in former grades in reading, writing, critical thinking and mathematics, while contuining to build the personal and interpersonal dexterities required for a successful and fulfilling future within and beyond the classroom.

In classrooms defined by mutual respect, students are encouraged to utilize their academic skills to pursue and express individual passions. Our faculty teaches a curriculum rich in its diversity of cultures, religions, genders and perspectives.

The language arts program instills an appreciation of literature in our students, and vests them with advanced skills in reading comprehension, research, and fluency. Reading clubs introduce various literary genres and spur insightful small group discussions. Writing instruction nurtures a mastery of formal composition. Mathematics lessons encompass higher-level problem solving and pre-algebraic concepts.

Children continue their exploration of the scientific method through a unique, inquiry-based program, offering students interactive, sensorial scientific experiences. Basic computer instruction hones the technological skills that research, analysis, and presentations require. Through a balanced curriculum, our Upper Elementary students graduate prepared and excited for the intellectual challenges of their future academic careers.