School Traditions

From our Science Fair to our Spirit Day, the Trevose Day School
traditions help foster the kind of tight-knit community where team learning, growth, and creativity flourish.


Over the years, Trevose Day School has established and maintained various school traditions. These special events, days, and trips provide a platform for our entire community to come together and allow students the opportunity to share their newly found passions and developing talents with classmates, parents, and teachers.

Below you will find a list of our school traditions. We invite parents to join us for many of these events, and hope to see you soon.


Fall Festival

Our Fall Festival celebrates the commencement of the school year and welcomes new families into our community. On our sprawling campus (weather permitting), we host various games, auctions, and entertainment for a day of fun and reconnecting. The fall festival is also our first major fundraising event of the year.

Holiday Performance & Brunch

After a semester of singing, acting, and storytelling, students showcase their newly acquired skills in our annual Holiday Performance for parents. Post-performance, parents and children join together in the classrooms for brunch with the faculty. This festive event brings our community together one last time before the holiday season and winter break.

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Science Fair

Students at every grade level have the opportunity to demonstrate their hypotheses, scientific methods, and results at our annual Science Fair. Our youngest learners give small group presentations to the older students, covering topics from static electricity to magnets. Students Kindergarten and up all create and perform their own experiments, and prepare individual presentation boards to explain their findings for peers and parents.

Spring Art Show & Performance

Each year at our Spring Art Show students display the drawings, paintings, sculptures, and mixed-media collages that they have created individually and collaboratively in class throughout the year. Each class piece, to which every student contributes, is auctioned off to the families in our community, with all proceeds directed to the school’s special programs. The art show is accompanied by our Spring Performance, in which students showcase their vocal and theatrical talents in various acts for the entire school community.

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Special Visitors Breakfast

Each year we host a breakfast for students and their special guests. This is a great chance for our school community to come together and share its own specialness with the people who help shape the students outside of the classroom. In addition to breakfast, there are various activities and opportunities for children to introduce their guests to the rest of the class.

International Children’s Festival

In late spring of each year, our students participate in the Philadelphia International Children’s Festival. The festival focuses on the visual and performing arts, with many fun, culturally rich craft activities as well as internationally diverse programming in theater, music and dance. Students spend the day in hands-on creative endeavors and have the opportunity to meet with the professional actors, musicians, and dancers performing at the festival. The festival is organized by the Annenberg Center at the University of Pennsylvania and this year will take place May 18-20.


School Spirit Day

Each spring, once the warm weather returns to the Trevose area, our entire school community gathers together for a day of fun, creative, and light-hearted competition on our sunny and spacious grounds. Students are grouped into mixed-age teams, with one teacher per team, all participating in an Olympics-style program that includes various sporting, thinking, and creative activities. After a few hours of exciting play, children enjoy a picnic lunch to refuel for the afternoon games. Parents are welcome to attend.